Top 50 European Football Leagues • 2011/2012

This is a statistical comparison of (almost) every top-tier football league in Europe. Categories include UEFA ranking, average and total stadium attendances, goals per game, player age, stadium capacity, % of non-native players, international titles won (Champions & Europa League, former European Cup, UEFA Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup). Additional data shows % of games ending without goals and as home / away wins. You can limit the display twenty Leagues or have a look at Europe’s best 2nd divisions.

#LeagueUEFA RankingCL/EC TitlesEL/CWC UEFA TitlesGoals per Game% 0-0Home Wins %Away Wins %Avg. Player Age % Foreign PlayersAverage AttendanceTotal Attendance% Popul. per MatchdayMax. Stadium CapacityMin. Stadium Capacity
1ENG Premier League84.41012182.817.1453027.362.234601131484650.687581118360
2ESP Primera División84.18613202.768.7502527.137.528403107931700.619935414400
3GER Bundesliga75.1866112.867.1452925.349.545116138054960.508072024000
4ITA Serie A59.98112172.5611.6462527.847.82192183301610.368007415373
5POR Primeira Liga55.346432.6410.0483026.355.01095826299500.83656474667
6FRA Ligue 154.178112.527.1472526.241.51886371679400.306001310500
7RUS Premjer-liga47.832022.379.9432726.945.21306631357560.078486414500
8NED Eredivisie45.515653.263.3512924.336.61948359617431.06516283531
9UKR Premjer Liha45.133032.5510.0413426.334.71128327080000.20654005094
10GRE Superleague37.100002.239.2492826.538.3526212627610.38680792576
11TUR Süper Lig34.050012.589.5482726.433.61125034425000.14820007593
12BEL Jupiler Pro League32.400042.889.6502325.246.41172636350600.88291737982
13DEN Superligaen 27.525002.736.6433225.226.1710614069190.78380658000
14SUI Axpo Super League26.800002.628.6433225.141.31225319850550.773851210000
15AUT Bundesliga26.325002.4314.4422325.427.2726613079020.43318007500
16CYP Division A25.499002.199.4443327.960.628965270721.81228595500
17ISR Ligat ha'Al22.000002.538.8452924.918.337999117800.39216004500
18SCO Premier League21.141122.6411.0403525.347.91388031604141.65608327819
19CZE Gambrinus Liga20.350002.6511.3453225.717.8459011014930.35280005000
20POL Ekstraklasa19.916002.2011.3452825.929.8884721231890.18436153500
21CRO Prva HNL18.874012.416.3492523.711.121825040360.41371684000
22ROM Liga I18.824102.459.8453026.428.9517115824280.22280635000
23BLR Wyschejschaja Liha18.208002.339.5343326.322.222531689740.13369003020
24SWE Allsvenskan15.900022.639.4422425.529.621274211190.18366086700
25SVK Corgon liga14.874012.2910.6432725.030.021364230010.23184484165
26NOR Tippeligaen14.675002.944.8532424.931.2799719192751.33255724000
27BUL A PFG14.250002.687.5483125.517.818294389760.19320005000
28SER SuperLiga14.250102.2015.4433324.118.524415858340.21515384350
29HUN NB I9.750012.709.2492526.030.629487075210.24181004061
30FIN Veikkausliiga9.133003.034.5472624.022.321604277100.24107704000
31GEO Umaglesi Liga8.666002.5410.6473022.74.312612269500.17550002000
32BIH Premijer Liga8.416002.5010.8572223.922.716043849500.28355002000
33IRL Airtricity League7.375002.807.1413724.213.115592806200.2279552000
34SVN PrvaLiga7.124002.738.2393823.215.413752474900.34181353000
35LTU A Lyga6.875002.839.6393824.818.47841551900.12150301600
36MDA Divizia Na?ional?6.749002.2914.1413125.521.86631312000.12134601500
37LTV Virsliga5.874003.144.8433923.824.7498717770.1195001500
38ALB Kategoria Superiore3.916002.559.2552324.417.417603203500.39142004100
39EST Meistriliiga2.666003.415.0424123.817.8202364440.079692268
0GER 2. Bundesliga (2)0.000002.7910.1462425.230.01721252669410.196900010826
0ESP Segunda División (2)0.000002.648.0472927.113.9702932473800.17365404500
0ENG Championship (2)0.000002.577.4433025.743.51773897911500.424029615231
0ITA Serie B (2)0.000002.529.1413024.922.5609128138170.11582704100
0FRA Ligue 2 (2)0.000002.2910.3452325.031.2845632132130.134122910670
0RUS 1. Division (2)0.000002.2811.6472525.819.5437016605450.03340003066
0NED Eerste Divisie (2)0.000003.234.3512722.417.8412612625670.23147003000
0UKR Perscha Liha (2)0.000002.648.5512925.54.120406241580.04136671000
0SCO First Division (2)0.000002.818.6393124.212.022974133830.22147496000
0GRE Football League (2)0.000002.1511.6542224.69.46151876580.0528080900
0POR Liga de Honra (2)0.000002.3110.0442325.230.59102184240.09199802500
Last update
September 24th, 2012

Data sources,,,, Fussball Live Stream, + various football association websites

Notes regarding League Comparison Tables
  • # Rank based on UEFA Ranking.
  • UEFA Ranking (UEFA coefficient) shows a snapshot taken after the 2011 finals. 2nd Divisions are not ranked by UEFA.
  • CL/EC Titles lists Champions League (1992-2011) and European Cup (1955-1991) wins
  • EL/CWC/UEFA Titles lists Europa League (2009-2011), UEFA Cup (1971-2008), Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (1955-1971) and UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1961-1999) and wins.
  • % of Foreign Players consists of players whose nationality differs from the country they play in. If a player has dual citizenship, the first nationality decides.
  • % of Population per Matchday is the average percentage of a countries population attending on a matchday.
  • Stadium capacity only takes stadiums in account where a team plays their home games. This excludes Wembley Stadium (London) and Stade de France (Saint-Denis).
Notes regarding European Cup Tables
  • Default sorting by total points.
  • 3 points per win for all games, irrespective of date.
  • Qualifying games are included throughout the tables.
  • # Rank based on total points earned in European Competitions.
  • Rounding errors may apply for % Wins, % Draws and % Losses
Notes regarding Domestic League Tables
  • Default sorting by total points.
  • 3 points per win for all games, irrespective of date.
  • # Rank based on total points earned in the Domestic League.
  • Rounding errors may apply for % Wins, % Draws and % Losses

10 Responses to League Stats

  1. Ken Crema says:

    This is great work, one of the interesting things is how well the French league does despite being seen as a development league.

  2. Spinney says:

    This site is fantastic, curious if you thought about adding a percentage of non-scoreless draws? Keep up the good work!

    • Simon says:

      Thanks! You can calculate non-scoreless draws on your own from the data given :) Take EPL for example: 47% home wins, 24% away wins means there must be 29% draws. 29% minus 6.6% (0:0) = 22.4% of all EPL games in 2010/2011 end in a non-scoreless draw.
      I know this isn’t 100% accurate as home and away wins are rounded to whole numbers, but it can give you *almost* accurate results.

  3. Kenny Stewart says:

    Great site, great work. I am always interested in data like this.

    I would be interested, and have previously tried to construct, in a similar index based on TV contracts. I fell down through lack of identifiable or verifiable data. It is also made difficult through collective bargaining deals versus individual club TV contracts. Would like to compare the size of the TV contracts, price per game, extent of other sponsorship revenue, prize money pot, number of televised games, revenue from international rights and maybe even average audience figures.

    That would be an interesting comparison too. I realise your site is all about the footballing aspects of the game, as it should be, but a comparison of what makes the game tick from a modern perspective would be fascinating too.

    • Simon says:

      Thanks for your input, Kenny! As you said, gaining reliable data is a pain in the lower back, especially when it comes to smaller countries / leagues. Now that the main site has 50 leagues I might look at the finances again, but don’t expect too much.

  4. Alex says:

    It would be nice to add a column with the number of teams in each league/division.

  5. marco leccacorvi says:

    brilliant brilliant website and table. weell done

  6. raymond says:

    english pl, is the most overated league in the world. Look at what happened in cl group of death, man city taking the bottom of the table among other league winners. Or have you seen the fifa xi squad of 12, Only one english player made it,for crying out loud. Which is kompany of man city.
    Look at the player that comes from other major league to epl and see how they over the team , players like, mata, aguero, oscar, makalele (from madrid), torres(when in liverpool), ballack, the list keep going. Ok can that be said for epl, i only know of few. C. Ronaldo, alonso, and eh , i cant think of any other, please dont start telling me fabrigas , or, marcharno . I meant players who if they dont play the team is likely to lose, not some famous beach warmers like owen (when he at madrid.
    Finally i think the epl is this popular just because of its money, but when looked at critically they are nothing but a bunch of overated teams.

  7. Tuomas says:

    Thanks for the data. Does Anyone where could i found the amount international players in different leagues?

  8. Bulent Kalafat says:

    It is significant that Turkey’s “% of population per matchday” stat is among the lowest. This is attributable to high ticket prices relative to average income, bad/old stadiums and the three Istanbul clubs having too many followers in other regions of the country who should opt to support their local clubs.

    In turn the stat explains a significant part of the country’s stagnant progress in the sport.

    Great data.

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