Revenue and TV Money by League

In 2010/2011, the Premier League’s revenue went up to 2.500.000.000 € (3.589.000.000 US$). ~46% of EPL’s revenue comes from world-wide TV deals, which is more than Bundesliga’s and La Liga’s selling of broadcasting rights combined. — The theoretical revenue per capita is highest in EPL as well (49,57€), far ahead of Primera Divison (34,76€) and Eredivisie (25,47€).

When it comes to football ticket prices, Germany’s Bundesliga is leading (in a good way). Spectators pay 22€ on average, which is about half of what English fans have to pay. That being said, ticket prices increase all over Europe, Germany included.

All data from 2010/2011 seasons across Europe. If you spot any errors, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

(Work in progress…)

#LeagueAnnual Revenue in €Revenue per Game in €Revenue per Capita in €Est. TV Money p.a. in €Avg. Ticket Prices in €Association Members
1 Premier League2500000000657894749,57114700000043-
2 Bundesliga1664000000543790820,32422000000226700000
3 Primera Divison1622000000426842134,7656000000036779829
4 Serie A1532000000403157925,4389200000027-
5 Ligue 11072000000282105317,07517000000262107924
6 Eredivisie420000000137254925,47--1179198
7 Süper Lig378000000123529405,13--466445
8 Premjer-liga368000000153333302,58--2500000



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